Hello, and thanks for stopping by.


My name is Elvis.

Norwegian born and raised.

I guess I'm closer to death than birth. And that's ok. I am still in my prime, and will continue to be so for quite some time. Yes. For all the time.

I do most of my living in Norway.


And here we are.


I use a Nikon D7100/Sigma 10-20mm or 18-250mm objective.

I do not Photoshop, but I edit my photos with

Dxo Optics Pro 11 (just upgraded)/FilmPack5, Pixelmator and Tonality.

My weapon is a MacBookPro.


I am not a studio/portrait photographer. Those guys are good.

I am more of a grainy-b&w-contrast-darkness-kind-of-guy.


I have been working on this site for quite some time, trying many different things. My goal is to have a site I am 100% happy with.

One could say this site is under constant construction. 

I am doing everything by myself. Learning as I go.


I have a day job to pay the bills (more on that later), but I also do

the odd commercial for TV, radio and internet from time to time.

Still working on The Novel. It will be great.

I am setting up shop on this site. Posters, mostly. My photos on 

big posters. To hang on the wall.